The aftermath of the sudden loss of a loved one is likely one of the most difficult and stressful times in our clients’ lives. The challenge comes not only from the medical bills, burial expenses, and possible loss of a substantial income, but also from the sense of devastating loss and understandable anger.

Making matters worse, insurance companies and defense attorneys will do whatever it takes to limit any recovery.

Wrongful death actions can be particularly complex and challenging because the negligent acts of another have silenced the most important witness. Seiden & Kaufman will work tirelessly to ensure that the decedent’s story is accurately told.

Recently, we represented the surviving family members of a woman, “Susan,” who was killed on impact in a motor vehicle accident. We were aware that Susan was entering the main road from a side street that had a stop sign, but we also knew from the skid marks, the extensive damage to both vehicles, the points of impact to each vehicle, and the resting location of each vehicle as a result of the impact, that the other vehicle had to have been traveling at an extremely dangerous speed well beyond the posted speed limit.

The driver of the other vehicle sustained injuries and commenced an action against Susan’s Estate. Consequently, there were several attorneys and insurance carriers involved in this particular matter. Other than Seiden & Kaufman, everyone initially believed that Susan would be found completely at fault because she faced a stop sign.

However, having the trust and respect of the other attorneys and insurance claim supervisors representing the Estate’s interests as a defendant, Seiden & Kaufman convinced them not to make a substantial settlement offer to the other driver and permit Seiden & Kaufman to present the case to a jury.

After an exhaustive investigation, we knew every inch of the roadway where the incident had occurred and had located eyewitnesses that even the police department did not find. Additionally, we worked closely with an accident reconstruction expert and presented well-crafted exhibits to the jury.

Despite the fact that Susan had a stop sign, after a lengthy trial the jury agreed that the evidence that Seiden & Kaufman had meticulously presented proved that the primary cause of the accident was the other driver’s unsafe speed. Although Susan could not “speak,” Seiden & Kaufman spoke loudly and clearly for her.

If you ever have the misfortune of losing a loved one due to someone else’s careless acts, we urge you to call us without delay since a proper investigation must be conducted immediately and an Executor or Administrator of the Estate needs to be promptly appointed. Seiden & Kaufman will help you with this appointment and all other aspects of the wrongful death matter.

The consultation is always free, and Steven J. Seiden, Richard G. Kaufman or Daniel M. Seiden will gladly answer all of your questions without any obligation.

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