Unfortunately, many property owners fail to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition, as required by law. Torn carpeting, broken tile floors, unsafe staircases, missing handrails, collapsed ceilings, and spills left on floors have caused an untold number of injuries to unsuspecting customers, tenants, guests, etc. Seiden & Kaufman has handled all types of premises accidents cases including slips on ice, snow, and other wet substances, trips due to a hole, uneven surface, or other hazardous condition, falls on a defective staircase, and strikes from a collapsed ceiling.

Numerous building codes and multiple dwelling laws applicable to residential and commercial properties set forth standards for the proper installation, maintenance, and repair of staircases, handrails, floors, lighting, etc. Seiden & Kaufman has had tremendous success proving the fault of property owners by establishing violations of these codes and laws.

In many instances, liability can also be established against a property owner for failing to maintain a sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition (e.g., broken sidewalk, snow and ice on the sidewalk, etc.) due to the violation of a specific provision set forth by a municipality.

Moreover, many stores, restaurants, and residential and commercial buildings have surveillance cameras that record video footage. These recordings may prove that the responsible party knew, or should have known, about the hazardous conditions. However, this video footage is routinely quickly destroyed, particularly when it establishes a party’s negligence. When Seiden & Kaufman is retained promptly after an incident, we can immediately prevent the destruction of the recording or obtain the appropriate sanctions and relief from the court for the spoliation or destruction of this crucial evidence.

In many premises accident cases, the then-existent hazardous conditions are repaired, removed, or modified in some other manner shortly after the incident. Consequently, an immediate investigation, professional photography, and possibly an expert’s analysis are necessary to preserve essential evidence.

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